Diablo Valley Bests Santa Barbara for 2015 CJCLA Championship

Santa Barbara City College and Diablo Valley met Saturday, December 6th, for the 2014 CJCLA Championship game. Both the Southern California champs and the Sorthern California champs displayed these traits in big time ways over the course of the game.  It was a true championship game in every way imaginable.  

Both Diablo Valley College (DVC) and Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) undefeated in community college play throughout the season met at Viking field at 11:00 am last Saturday, and the only known outcome was that someone would lose their first game in league play. Both teams played with the passion and skill of champions.  In the end, it was the defending champion, Vikings who retained the Little Oak Barrel with a 15-9 win over the Vaqueros, but the game was much more exciting and close than the final score would indicate.  

The Vikings jumped out to a 2-0 lead at the end of the 1st quarter and early in the second led 5-0. It appeared that a rout was about to take place. However the Vaqueros led by head coach Andrew White would not relent. They outscored the Vikings 3-2 in the remainder of the half. While DVC had a 7-3 lead going into the third quarter, the feeling was that this game was far from over.  

Indeed the Vaqueros came out firing in the third quarter scoring five unanswered goals, shutting out the vaunted DVC offense and took an 8-7 lead going into the final frame.  The Vikings embodying the tenacity of their mascot and with heads held high, came out of their huddle storming to their positions and promptly exacted ruthless tribute in the fourth quarter, outscoring the Vaqueros 8-1 in the final 15 minutes before hoisting the Little Oak Barrel in triumph.  

The CJCLA could not have asked for a more exciting game, as the organization continues to work with other community colleges throughout the state to expand the opportunity for thousands of lacrosse players to continue to play the sport they love.